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"Narcofailure" as in the old times


Poland keeps fighting marijuana users and not drug dealers, while available treatment is mostly based on isolation, i.e. very outdated. These are the conclusions of the latest Report of the Polish Addiction Ombudsman (a  social institution set up by the Polish Drug Policy Network and the JUMP  93 Association).

Marek Balicki about the Report


„How many Poles die every year due to alcohol consumption? 10 thousand. And how many due to marijuana consumption? Zero. Mr Balicki talks about the “rational” law.
mm 2013-08-21, accessed on 2013-08-21 21:01:48

- The state forgets about the dramatic effects of alcohol  consumption, but at the same time is very consequent in punishing users of marijuana. This is absurd,  tells to TOK FM the former Health Minister Marek Balicki, commenting thus the withering Report of the Polish Addiction Ombudsman.

Formation of the Board


The Polish Drug Policy Network started cooperation with seven experts in drug policy and human rights in order to accelerate changes aimed at rationalization and humanization of drug laws and the reform of addiction treatment system. The expert group comprises Ewa Woydyłło, Psy.D, a psychologist and addiction therapist, Prof. Jerzy Vetulani, a neurobiologist, and Marek Balicki, a psychiatrist and former Health Minister.

Drug Law inflammation


Why the current drug law does not make sense: Agnieszka Sieniawska explains.
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