Film from the visit of two Police executives in Poland – Jim Pugel and Alexander Zelitchenko

Polish drug policy, being one of the most restrictive not only in Europe, but in a whole world, needs an urgent and material change. Various activities and events are being  organized, aimed at presenting the arguments for change to different groups. Polish Drug Policy Network in cooperation with  Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, invited Alexander Zelichenko, former policeman from Kirgizstan, and Jim Pugel, chief of police dept. in Seattle.  They could compare their knowledge and experience with polish reality concerning drug policy. Moreover, PDPN’s project of changes in polish Act on Drug Prevention is on the initial stage of legislative procedure. Other countries’ examples of successful modernization of their law, emphasizing harm reduction and decriminalization raise hopes for forthcoming and inevitable change of polish state’s approach. It seems that the day when polish drug policy would cause more benefits than harm is closer than ever before.

Please watch and share film from the Jim Pugel and Alexander Zelitchenko’s visit in Poland: