About Us

The Polish Drug Policy Network was established in 2008 as a social initiative with persons with substance use disorders and drug users. In 2014, the Foundation of the Polish Drug Policy Network was also created, which implements the mission and vision of the Network through projects and initiatives. Therapists, doctors, lawyers, employees of the prison service, social workers, educators, representatives of non-governmental organizations and the users of psychoactive substances are involved in the activities of the Network.

The key projects implementing the PDPN mission are focused on educational activities and advocacy for rational drug policy in Poland, addiction prevention, training activities, legal and social counseling, and rehabilitation activities in detention centers. The Foundation also collaborates searching for innovations and exchanging best practices in harm reduction and rational drug policies at municipal, national and international levels.

PDPN is a member of various bodies associated with the international drug policy reform movement. One of them is the European Union’s Civil Society Forum on Drugs – a broad platform for dialogue between the European Commission and European expert organizations. We are also members of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network – a regional network of harm reduction programs and their allies from 29 countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) and the International Drug Policy Consortium. PDPN is also a member organization in the Warsaw Social Dialogue Committee for Counteracting Drug Addiction and HIV / AIDS.


Our mission is to initiate and support activities aimed at changing the approach to the drug problem, both in Polish law and the social awareness of the topic. By referring to human rights, we counteract the stigma and discrimination of people who use drugs, people with substance use disorders and those who use it recreationally.

Based on reliable knowledge and scientific research on the risks and potential of the use of psychoactive substances, we promote the latest scientific achievements in the field of addiction therapy and the medical use of these substances.

Our goal is public education driven by factual information based on scientific research about the consequences of psychoactive substances use.