Polish Drug Policy Network has launched The Polish Psychedelic Society!

The Polish Psychedelic Society (PTP) is an initiative formed by Polish Drug Policy Network to popularize and support scientific research on psychedelic substances (psychedelics) and to provide space for essential debate regarding their potential application in science, medicine, psychotherapy and culture, which might positively contribute to the development of society.

The Polish Psychedelic Society brings together experts representing multiple areas of science and numerous professions, including activists, social anthropologists, artists, biologists, chemists, journalists, ethnobotanists, pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, sociologists and herbalists, as well as individuals interested in supporting the development of science and debate on psychedelics in Poland.


  1. Establishing a multidisciplinary platform for cooperation between professionals working on the subject of psychedelics.
  2. Supporting scientific research on psychedelics, with particular emphasis on their therapeutic potential.
  3. Educating society by providing objective information based on scientific research, including positive and negative consequences concerning the use of psychedelics, both in therapeutic and recreational settings.
  4. Integrating the psychedelic community in Poland. Establishing a platform facilitating an exchange of psychedelic-related experiences. Collecting, categorizing, and promoting scientific knowledge about psychedelics.
  5. Decriminalising psychedelics and providing legal assistance to defendants in criminal cases for possession of psychedelics for personal use.
  6. Preventing and reducing damages related to the recreational use of psychedelics through education and party working initiatives.
  7. Changing the legal status of psychedelics by moving them within the List of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances from Group I-P (substances with no medical use and a high potential for abuse) to Group IV-P (substances with essential medical uses and low potential for abuse that can be used for medical, scientific, and industrial purposes).
  8. Promoting the idea of the production of medical marijuana in Poland, which may contribute to lowering its price, increasing its availability for patients and support the Polish economy.

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