Drug emergency” project in Warsaw’s dormitories

First edition of this project began in January 2013. Our team included two lawyers and two students: Agnieszka Sieniawska, Aleksandra Korcz, Katarzyna Łozińska and Iga Jeziorska. We visited dormitories of Warsaw University and Warsaw University of Technology once a week. During our visitations we were talking to students about drugs and problems that are connected with using them, we were giving free legal advices and interesting materials about drugs. Those materials are referring to current polish drug law, harm reduction, effects and consequences of using particular substances. They were also including contacts and information’s about places where a person can get help .

The aim of the project was to reach young people who may have contact with drugs or may use them problematically. Our project is based on “youth peer” work, that’s why in our team are students and young lawyers. Because of that it’s easier for us to understand students problem, gain their trust and to educate them through casual conversation. Students were really interested in our work, they were asking a lot of questions about drugs and drug law, they were also taking our educational materials. Management of the dormitories was very helpful and they appreciated our project. First edition of the project ended in June 2013, along with the academic year.

Because of the big interested in first edition and its success we decide to continue our project in 2014. This year we want to focus on the dormitories of Physical Education Academy and Warsaw University of Life Sciences. We started in January 2014 and so far it works really good.

Project is finances by Polish Drug Prevention Bureau.