„Drug prohibition – how much does it cost?” campaign

The campaign took place in June 27 2011 on the International Day of Solidarity with Drug Addicts – in that way Polish Drug Policy Network took part in the worldwide campaign “Count the Cost”.

July 26, all over the world, non-governmental organization informed about the costs each country  has because of the prohibition.

Campaign „Drug prohibition – how much does it cost” was organized in two placed in centre of Warsaw. The action was attended by members of PDPN in disguise of public prosecutor, a judge, a policeman and a doctor, who, with a champagne in their hands, would throw money around.

Among dozens of watching Varsovians we initiated a fervent debate about polish drug policy and it’s costs for the whole society and state budged.

All day during the happening a drug policy area was operating, where everyone could learn about Act on Drug Prevention, drug addicts and drug users rights and, first of all, about costs of war against drugs conducted in Poland.

Please watch and share films about the event: